What Makes Us Different?


Sterndale Strategic was created because modern communications are often missing the mark.

Inexpensive tools like email, Instagram, even websites, have made organizations overly confident that if they build it, their audiences will come. But somewhere along the way, the art of the story got lost.

Four hundred years ago, even forty years ago, a good story at fireside wasn't just entertaining, it was important. As you listened, you felt connected to something bigger than yourself. Perhaps you were so moved that you joined a cause. Maybe you saw that the story's outcome hung on the quality of that horse's saddle and you made a mental note to get one just like it.

All of that happened because Bucko across the fire pit knew what made a good story. 

He knew that like all good communications, a good story takes skill, time, and craft. He understood what you knew and what he wanted you to know, what he wanted you to feel, what he wanted you to do. And you left feeling connected, entertained, and with a story to keep and pass along.

Today, we have fewer firesides, and too many emails. Yet, we still yearn for more authentic human connections. Helping you apply those skills to today's communications tools is what Sterndale Strategic does best.

With over 25 years in the communications, marketing, and publishing industries, we bring big city experience, fireside charm, and a bit of fun to every client we work with at Sterndale Strategic. 

Are you next?