Thank you


I expect this blog space will soon fill with a variety of posts about creativity and communicating and fantastic storytelling because there's nothing I love more than a great story and I can't wait to hear yours.

But as an entrepreneur, I cannot overstate my gratitude for my community today as I launch this company. I know I have the chops to do great work for my clients and I'm already hiring exciting professionals to join me. What waxed and waned was the utter confidence that I could leave a good job and launch something from nothing. Now that I've jumped off this cliff, I am thrilled, energized, and excited about every element of it, from signing new clients to QuickBooks. (Yes, even QuickBooks.) Bring it on!

So, to everyone who gave me a thumbs up along the way, a boost, a really brilliant piece of advice, or an actual cliff to leap off of, please know, it wasn't a big deal for you, but that day, you pushed me a little closer to launch. Now that I'm here, I am over the moon. Clients are signing contracts, creative wheels are turning, and this shop appears to be well underway before this website even goes live. I'm truly, deeply grateful to those supporters. 

And to every would-be entrepreneur. Talk to your people. Don't just go it alone. Accept their support, their advice, and their pushes toward the cliff. You know you can do this, and you just might fly. Everyone else started something from nothing, too.

As I recently said to my first client. I do believe this is going to be very, very fun.